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Pulled Pork - Soak n' Smoke

After 2.5 years of cooking various meats sous vide, I still had not done a two part cooking process that combines my Anova with my smoker....until today. Recipe - Part I This recipe is for a nice sized pork butt - I did 8.3 lbs (bone-in). Clean


Velvet Steak

My local butcher started featuring some lesser-known cuts of meat, and the velvet steak definitely caught my eye. It was a beautiful red oblong cut with almost no marbling. I was excited to experiment with something new, so I went with a really simple preparation. I'm not sure I'd ever


Pepper & Onion Relish Sirloin Pork Chops

Great when you're in a rush and don't want to mess with making your own fancy pork chop marinade. This was delicious with these two thick, beautiful sirloin chops. Recipe One jar of the pepper & onion relish is plenty for two large pork chops. Ingredients 1 jar of Dickinson's


Simple Salt & Pepper Sirloin Roast

This roast comes out more on the medium-well side than most of the other beef recipes here, but it's still moist and juicy. It only takes 10–12 hours in the bath, so you can start cooking it in the morning and it'll be ready to take out and finish


Smoky Baby Back Ribs

I've tried ribs with lots of different marinades and cooking times (24, 36, and 48 hours), but this one is my favorite right now. The meat stays tender and juicy, but hold up to grilling a lot better at 24 hours than after 48 hours. These are great dry, but


Garlic Mustard Ribeye Steak

This has come to be my go-to way to do steak sous vide — a one-day marinade followed by an hour in the immersion circulator, and a quick sear on the grill or cast iron skillet. This makes for a weeknight meal that always leaves me thinking, "I'd be paying $80