Simple Salt & Pepper Sirloin Roast

This roast comes out more on the medium-well side than most of the other beef recipes here, but it's still moist and juicy. It only takes 10–12 hours in the bath, so you can start cooking it in the morning and it'll be ready to take out and finish off at dinner time. If you want it a more on the medium-rare side, I'd go down to around 136°.



  • 1 Sirloin Roast
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Olive Oil


Sous Vide Temperature: 145°
Marinade time: None
Bath time: 10–12 hours
Finish time: 10 minutes


This beautiful sirloin roast came pre-tied with butcher's twine to keep its size consistent. I left it on the whole time, and cut it off just before slicing up the roast.

Start by rubbing down the roast with some olive oil, then coat it generously with salt and pepper. That's all the ingredients you'll need — thus the "simple" in this recipe's title.

A raw sirloin roast coated with olive oil, salt, and pepper

Seal it in the bag and put it in your immersion circulator set to 145° for 10–12 hours (it's pretty forgiving, you could probably get away with anything from 6–18 hours).

Heat the grill or a cast iron skillet until it's very hot, and give it a sear on all sides. Depending on how hot your grill or skillet is, this should probably only take about 5–10 minutes.

Remove from the grill, cut off the butcher's twine, and slice into 1/2" rounds. Goes great with steak sauce and vegetables.