Pulled Pork - Soak n' Smoke

After 2.5 years of cooking various meats sous vide, I still had not done a two part cooking process that combines my Anova with my smoker....until today.

Recipe - Part I

This recipe is for a nice sized pork butt - I did 8.3 lbs (bone-in). Clean up the cut to get rid of the excessive fat and use a large 2.5 gallon ziploc bag for the water bath. Before placing it in the bag - I gave it a nice asian-style glaze - but any glaze will do. The glaze took two minutes to make and the total prep time from cleaning the meat, to glazing, to in the bath was under 8 minutes.

Part 1 Ingredients

1 Pork Shoulder
Garlic Powder
Hoisin Sauce
Hickory Liquid Smoke
Crushed Red Pepper Flakes
Black Pepper
Soy Sauce
Bertman's Mustard

Sous Vide Timing

Sous Vide Temperature 147°
Glaze Time: 3 minutes (coat generously and place in the bag)
Bath Time: 24 hours

Recipe - Part II

Upon removing the pork butt from the bag, there will be about a pint of glaz-y juice that can be saved for a future marinade or to cook down into a sauce. Pat the meat down thoroughly with paper towels and then rub your dry rub all over the meat. You may want to wrap the cut in foil and then reapply rub after a half hour or so before placing it in the smoker.

Part 2 Ingredients

Dry Rub (or your favorite motley crew dry rub of choice - sweet, salty, and savory):
dark brown sugar
white sugar
Smoke Hungarian paprika
garlic powder
curry powder
ground cumin
tandoori spice mix (purchased at a local Indian Food Store)
ground black pepper
ground ginger powder
onion powder
rosemary powder

Smoking Timing

Smoker Temperature 250°
Smoking Time: 6 hours
Rest Time Post-Smoke - 1.5 - 2 hours with meat wrapped in foil.


24 hours in water bath and then 6 hours in the smoker - I would argue this method is great for tailgating or having a nice amount of pulled pork ready for Sunday night dinner.
I went to the market early morning Saturday - prepped and got it in the bath before 10 AM, smoked from 10 AM to 4PM the following day, and then let rest for 1.5-2 hours in foil in a cooler... and blamm-o it was ready for a Sunday evening dinner.
Why bother doing the porkbutt in both the water bath and the smoker, you may ask? 2 reasons.
1. Because I can.
2. Because tending the smoker for 12+ hours tends to keep me homebound to check on the temperature climbing too high or needing to adjust.

This saved me on babysitting time, plus I knew the meat was safe to eat right out of the bag, so I could have smoked it as much or as little as I wanted.